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U7BUYGAMES: Bedste platform til køb og salg af dine spilvarer

Som en pålidelig spiller-til-spiller-markedsplads for virtuelle varer forbinder u7buygames købere og sælgere, vi eksisterer for at afbryde mellemmanden og maksimere vores kunders interesse. Vi tilbyder spillere mulighed for at købe sikre og billige spilartikler og en platform til også at sælge dem hurtigt. Vores service lige fra in-game valutaer til spilartikler, du kan ikke kun finde produkter fra mainstream-spil, herunder LOL, WOW, Rocket League, Fortnite og osv., Men service af niche-videospil som DOFUS, Aion Classic, Escape From Tarkov og Guild Wars 2, vil der være flere kategorier, der skal lanceres, fordi vores forretning konstant ekspanderer.

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Vi administrerer vores markedsplads korrekt for at opfylde dine shoppingstandarder, alle sælgere på u7buygames er verificeret grundigt for at sikre de legitime og manuelle leverancer, og vi investerer i at fremskynde levering af dine ordrer for at tjene dig en hurtig og bekymringsfri shopping erfaring. Vi ejer en loyal fanbase i u7buygames community, disse hyppige er de vigtigste årsager til vores succes, du vil hurtigt sælge dine varer, når du sælger på u7buygames. U7buygames understøtter flere betalingsmetoder, herunder Skrill, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover og Paysafe Card.

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Great Service !
2022-04-17 06:25:42
great !
2022-04-11 07:37:51
first time shopping
2021-08-21 09:50:51
2021-08-21 09:50:19
2021-08-09 10:53:24
fast delivery, recommend!!
2021-07-30 13:48:50
Slow delivery but everything ok
2021-12-25 09:27:28
2021-08-23 19:04:46
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    Diablo IV: Encouraging News from Activision
    U7buygames is the best supplier of Safe Diablo 4 Items, place your order now and enjoy the victory in the game. Diablo IV has kept fans waiting for years, luckily, players can now calm down, we are bringing you a short yet encouraging message.   In its latest quarterly financial report released yesterday, Activision Blizzard would also like to provide an update on the development of Diablo IV. Announced in 2019, the game is highly anticipated, and despite a recent leak of new maps and more than 150 dungeons, there isn't much to see. That's why Activision Blizzard would like to respond to this long wait by saying that Diablo IV's development is in full swing.   While the first external testing has been launched via the Overwatch 2 beta, Diablo IV is being left a little behind, with company-wide internal testing. The news, which still remains encouraging and indicates the transition to a new stage in the promotion of development.   Obviously, this doesn't offer us any more information on the timing or release date. Also, please note that a postponement was already announced at the end of last year due to the departure of several managers particularly. So we'll still have to patiently endure our annoyances and make do with Activision Blizzard's future quarterly posts in the hope of learning more about the progress of the project. Enough to gradually raise the hype of all players in eager anticipation of important information about this new opus. In the meantime, you can always console yourself with the next release of Diablo Immortal, which you can read in great detail about here.
    Diablo 4
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    NBA 2K22: Limited Week 6 Event in MyTEAM
    U7buygames is best online market for you to get cheap 2K22 MT, place your order now! Week 6 brings a lot of rewards, which we'll cover in more detail below. The main award this time is GO David Robinson,the event has already begun, so you can log into NBA 2K22 MyTEAM and start the party today, and the event will end on Sunday, March 15th. Before you start, you will need to create a Limited squad that will comply with the rules of the event. The most important of these is that only players from the Southwest Division should participate.   You have to follow some rules when you take part in Limited Week 6 in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, only players from Southwest Division are allowed to be used, you can choose 1 PD, Amethyst or Diamond. Free agent and Heat Check cards will not be allowed.   The Southwest Division including Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and more.   Maybe the purpose of taking part in the NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Week 6 Limited Event is the rewards. As many of you already know, the reward for getting all six champion rings is the Dark Matter Option package. It houses John Stockton, Jamal Murray, Markell Fultz and Don Ol. Here's what you are going to earn during Limited Week 6: Signature Series VI Pack, Zero Gravity Pack, Glitch Packs, GO David Robinson and more.   The 6 Ring Limited Option Pack will also include a free NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Hall of Fame Badge Pack, and one of your Dark Matter reward players can be updated by this pack.  
    NBA 2K22
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    Diablo 2: Resurrected – Patch 2.4 Out Now!
    U7BuyGames is the best source for all cheap Diablo 2: Resurrected Gold that you would not find anywhere else!   After Diablo 2: Resurrected’s launch back in September 2021, the game has gone through some massive changes to improve the game’s overall nature from its original counterpart, and Patch 2.4 right now continues to do just that!       Diablo 2: Resurrected does a great job at re-introducing the primary character classes that were beloved by fans in Diablo 2, besides re-imagining the battles that awaited us all against the demon lord, Baal and his Primary Evil brothers.   Outside of the major upgrades in terms of visual fidelity and quality-of-life improvements, Diablo 2: Resurrected did suffer from lack of originality and creative content in order to help players find new things to love about the game other than what have already been present in Diablo 2.   After the implementation of patches, though, Diablo 2: Resurrected started to get a new lease of life again, and Patch 2.4 right now continues to introduce exciting in-game features while fixing balancing issues and bugs at the same time.   Here is just a taste at what Update 2.4 brings to the table today:   PATCH 2.4  
    • LADDER
    • Each Ladder season, leaderboard rankings will be refreshed.
    • Four (4) different Ladder modes:
    • Classic
      • Normal Ladder encompassing four Acts
    • Hardcore Classic
      • Same as Classic but you only have 1 life (permadeath/ no respawn)
    • Expansion
      • Same as Classic but includes the “Lord of Destruction” DLC content
    • Hardcore Expansion
      • Expansion Ladder’s version of Hardcore mode (1 life)
    • A special Ladder tournament where famous players and content creators both compete and work together in order to reach the top of the leaderboard rankings.
    • Amazon
    • Impale
      • Is now uninterruptable
      • Can never miss
      • Slows the target
      • Increased animation speed by 30%
    • Fend
      • Increased attack speed by 100%
    • Many more!
    • Assassin
    • Fists of Fire (Martial Arts)
      • Bonus for Attack Rating is now increased between 15% to 25%
      • Bonus for Attack Rating is now increased between 7% to 10% per level
    • Claws of Thunder (Martial Arts)
      • Bonus for Attack Rating is now increased between 15% to 25%
      • Bonus for Attack Rating is now increased between 7% to 10% per level
    • Loads others!
      There are tons of other changes that have been made and you can read about them directly from the official blog post here.   Interested in buying more Diablo 2: Resurrected Gold to acquire invaluable items and in-game gear?   Visit U7BuyGames for all the latest deals and discounts available today!
    diablo 2
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    NBA 2K22 League Coinbase Slam Open Tournament Is Underway
    Did you know that U7BuyGames has Cheap 2K22 MT Coins? The NBA 2K22 League season continues with the Coinbase Blacktop Series. The NBA 2KL three versus three Slam Open is the first tournament to debut in this series. Two more contests of this type will follow. U7BuyGames has NBA 2K22 MT coins for sale, so you can follow the league events without worrying about not having enough coins to enjoy Season 6. What You Need to Know About NBA 2K22 Coinbase Slam Open   We are now in the fourth phase of this event. The first two were qualifying events. The third one was the Group Play. It took place at the end of April. Another event of this type will happen between May 3rd and May 6th. These events were played remotely. The last one will be a live event. It is set to take place between May 11th and May 14th. The location is the NBA 2K League studio in Indianapolis. We cannot wait for the final part. We are also excited about the return of the live events. The Coinbase Slam Open is an amateur tournament. It gives any player the chance to participate in the NBA 2K League. Amateurs will match skills against league teams. The Group Play has 24 team leagues and eight North American amateur teams. The amateurs had to prove they were worthy to take on professional teams. Several qualifying events invited community members and social media persons to be part of the League. Eight community teams made it through the qualifiers. The tournament commences with two weeks of group play. These events are played remotely. The 32 teams are split into West and East conferences. Each conference has four groups. Each group has four teams. Three teams are from the League and the fourth one is a community team. The purpose of the group play is to single out two teams from each group. These teams will play in the live finals. Each team plays against the others from its group two times. The two teams that have the best series records in their group go forward to the round of 16. Both group and round of 16 series have a best-of-five format. The series from the quarter finals and finals have a best-of-seven format. The total value of the prize pool is $150,000. The first place gets $60,000. The second place wins $30,000. The next two places receive $15,000 each. The remaining four places get $7,500 each.
    NBA 2K22
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